• Chrissie Calvert

Thinking about process

My studio mess.

Lately I have been trusting the process of my making more. I have been trying to let the work evolve as it goes, working with my intuition and gut feeling and then later making sense of my mess. So if I was to break down the process of my making at the moment it would be this:

  1. Make a mess

  2. Interpret the mess

  3. Refine the mess

Three works which I am sitting with for a while.

Making a mess is where I go crazy with the materials at my disposal.

Materials I make my mess with are:

  1. Recycled paint from work

  2. Recycled wood from around the neighbourhood, trade-me and under the house

  3. Random tools from the studio for example a flat head screw driver, bits of wood and metal, foam, sticks etc

Interpreting the mess is where I look at the work and try and see shapes, figures and scenes which could be enhanced.

Ways I help myself interpret the work are:

  1. Spending time with the work

  2. Looking at the work from all angles

  3. Blurring my vision

  4. Zoning about and letting my mind wander while looking at the work

Refining the mess is where I make my own interpretation clearer for others to see.

Ways I clarify my interpretation are:

  1. Defining the shapes found within the work by adding more paint with intention

  2. Creating depth in the work by adding a foreground and background

  3. Thinking of titles which would clarify my own interpretation.

Sometimes I need repeat this whole process several times, before I am satisfied with a work.

A work which has been through the process many times.

A work in the enhancing stage.

Example of tools and materials I use to make my mess


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