• Chrissie Calvert

Something a little different...

A continuing problem in my work is how the material I've ben using as a painting surface has over-powered the image I paint on the surface. For example with the hessian, the history of its uses have consistently been read in the work without me intending it. So, I have decided to step away from hessian and coconut fibre for a while, and find less overbearing materials to work with.

I thought about what a good alternative could be, and I thought about old discarded things. Broken wooden tables, chairs, broken cladding, things along those lines. What I was looking for was an interesting surface which has a natural feel to it, like wood. I thought about why I like things that seem natural and came to the conclusion that since modern life is filled with plasticky materials, the naturally occurring materials are a relief. They are also usually imperfect also which I enjoy.

I did a Trade Me search and found five old wooden school desks, the buy now price for all of them was $25. That seemed like a pretty good deal so I bought them. I love the history they have. All the old engravings of bored students, some old chewing gum on the back of one of them and weird old stickers. So I sanded back the old yellowing varnish and there I found a great surface to paint on.

The plan from here is to keep some of the character of the wood and paint an apocalyptic type scene. I am imagining a smokey sky, broken power lines and dilapidated houses.

Above is how they are looking at the moment.


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