• Chrissie Calvert

Seminar One 2022

Updated: Feb 11

Below are the seeds of contextual interests I want to plant and grow throughout my MFA.

Exploring humanity, what it means to be human.

The social constructs which lead to an Us vs Them attitude.

Mass psychosis from social media, and the idea that being offended is a right

Our roots as animals in this world

The rawness of being alive

The similarities between all humans, opposed to the differences

Patterns which exist throughout the entire universe, or the analogues of everything.


The next step contextually is finding texts and sources of information which identifies knots within these areas of interests, particularly where they intersect.

Practically, I have begun preparing a large scale painting approx. 1.8x1.2 metres in size, which I want to create the aura of being in a cave in ancient times. The goal of the work at this point is to remind people, and myself, of the rawness of living and inspire personal thought about our collective history as a species.

So far, so good.

Chrissie Calvert 2021, True Grit.


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