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Post Seminar thoughts

Mid year assessment went well. I have a couple research ideas and feelings of knowing where I am heading.

Theories I plan to learn more about:


"The affordance of something does not change as the need of the observer changes. The observer may or may not perceive or attend to the affordance, according to his needs, but the affordance, being invariant, is always there to be perceived. An affordance is not bestowed upon an object by a need of an observer and his act of perceiving it. The object offers what it does because it is what it is. "

Gibson, James J. “THE THEORY OF AFFORDANCES.” Essay. In The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. Accessed July 17, 2022. https://cs.brown.edu/courses/cs137/readings/Gibson-AFF.pdf.

Neo Expressionism and Expressionism

In my assessment it was discussed that my work was commenting on neo expressionist ideas, but my lack of awareness/understanding of what my work was saying undermined its authority. Therefore, I want to school myself a little more on these movements to really identify what I think about them.

My initial ideas on my thoughts on where I sit at the beginning of my research on the matter are as follows:

  • Action Painting may be of some relation to my process- Possibly my comment/addition to the movement could be action painting as the first step to creating a work vs the only step (the Jackson Pollock approach)

  • Neo Expressionism was mostly a commercial movement, American government thought of it as a reflection of freedom of expression, so hyped it up.

  • Neo Expressionism speaks to internal emotions, or tries to initiate certain internal emotions from the viewer. Food for thought, does my art do this?

  • Neo expressionism embraced the narrative, while modernism rejected notions of storytelling. My work definitely works within a narrative.

  • Neo expressionism is thought to be in of itself, meaning there is no hidden agenda/activism my thoughts on this is there could be a way to incorporate context into a neo expressionist painting through title and narrative. It is possibly reductive to assume it cannot be more than what it appears to be.

Where to from here?

I have been collecting pallets as there are HEAPS just lying around my work. I want to use these as supports to my paintings.

Context wise I need to find an artist who is a current neo expressionist for my asignment.

Photos of studio work so far below:

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