• Chrissie Calvert

Dystopia & Utopia = Yin & Yang

Updated: Mar 10

Both Dystopia and Utopia exist. There is no separating one from the other. They are intrinsically bound. They are the western Yin and Yang. We live in a universe of stars and darkness. Of energy which is neither created nor destroyed, but always moving, and moving in balanced ways. We are the electrons in a power circuit. We are the protons. Free will exists, but simultaneously and alongside and in partnership with genetic determinateness. There is no one without the other.

I was thinking of the Big Bang hypothesis. That while trying to destroy itself the universe created itself. This lead to thoughts of patterns which exist in scaleable levels throughout reality. For example, the heart beat of an animal has the same pattern analogue, the same rhythm, as traffic in cities. The morning rush, against the evening rush.

There will always be pockets of life tipping the scale on the utopia end, or dystopia end. Those scales will shift. And shift and shift. People forget that progress isn't always moving forward. Progress could be reversing. Sometimes to see the view over the cliff you have to back up a bit. But if you stay there too long it will lose its glamour.

There will be winners and losers and prey and predators. We live in a world of magnets. If the systems of the universe are analogous, then we need shit to be able to eat. To improve life to ourselves in our own meat sacks floating on our glowing ball in a vastness which in all relativeness makes us smaller that small; All each of us needs, is to take care in doing the best we can. We won't always achieve that, but the mere act of trying, will increase our chances of perceiving our would as more Utopian.

I think that psychedelic experiences initiate more self awareness and less ego driven action. I think the fact that we aren't still living in caves, is largely thanks to psilocybin. And the fact that those experiences help the brain comprehend patterns within reality and oneself.

I think the more we grow, the more of both utopia and dystopia we get. There will be great ugliness at the hands of good intentions and great good from bad intentions. The sun will rise and fall until is explodes. We will live until we die. The cat will torture the butterfly. And the baby will have no bias until it is given one.

Chrissie Calvert 'Campfire' , 2022. Lumbersider on Glued Hessian, 600x500mm.


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