Chrissie Calvert is a New Zealand artist, based in Auckland.

In her final year of a BFA at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Chrissie Calvert is a New Zealand based artist who is fascinated with myth, and the human mind.


She explores how people create stories to find meaning in everyday things. Her works frequently have a narrative which is strengthened by skilled use of gesture. She also explores painting on different surfaces such as Hessian, as she enjoys how much the surface accentuates gestural marks.


Calvert is also the founder of Calvert Studio, an artist service business and is a volunteer minder at RM in Auckland, which is a long standing artist run space.


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Chrissie Calvert Cropped

Chrissie Calvert- Fine Artist



BFA Whitecliffe Collage of Art and Design



BFA Mid Year Exhibition, 67 Symonds Street, Auckland


Juice Box, Form Gallery, 67 Symonds Street, Auckland

Falling (high Quality).JPG

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